White Mandragora
White mandragora
In-game appearance
Feed the shadowy creature in graveyard to gain access to the Crypt
Mandragora Garden in greenhouse (requires Herbel's Perfume), Belli Castle
Haunting Ground
Otherwise known as Floanimalia, white flowers bloom from this synthetic plant. Its screams and its poisons are known for slowly driving a victim insane.

The White Mandragora is an item in Haunting Ground.

The White Mandragora was one of the Mandragora planted and cared by Daniella in the Mandragora Garden section of the greenhouse of the Belli Castle.

Like its fellow Mandragora, it emits a horrible shriek after being plucked up, which can both put Fiona on the verge of Panic Mode and/or alert Daniella of Fiona's position.

Unlike the other Mandragora, however, the White Mandragora possesses a pure white blossom on its "head". Like all the mandragora, this one will also scream when Fiona hides, so the player should instantly use it.

To obtain it, Fiona may receive the Hebel's Perfume from Daniella in the cage room, then give it to Hewie in the Mandragora Garden so Hewie can pinpoint the White Mandragora needed to feed the shadowy creature in the graveyard, which would grant her access to the Crypt. However, if the player already knows the correct color, they can skip obtaining the perfume.


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