Tony Flanagan
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Clock Tower 3
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Tony Flanagan is a minor character in Clock Tower 3, mentioned in the document News Article B. He was Sledgehammer's first victim.


Tony was a stonecutter who worked at the Banbury stonecutting factory. On June 6, 1940, one of his co-workers, Robert Morris, became possessed by an entity, thus becoming the Sledgehammer. Once possessed, Robert Morris killed Tony and five other workers present by crushing their heads with his hammer. After that, Morris committed seven other murders before being finally arrested, sentenced to death and hanged on September 10, 1941.


During the game, the player can find a file telling the story of Sledgehammer, where he is mentioned:

10 September 1941 - Robert Morris, 32, the man known as the Hammer Killer, has been hanged. Rumors regarding Morris' death are widespread. One witness reported: "He was hanging for a very long time, pulling on the straps and making unearthly noises, and blood was oozing through the black cap. The stench was terrible--some witnesses fainted and were carried out."

Morris' first victim was Tony Flanagan, 35, a fellow employee at the Banbury stonecutting factory. On 6 June 1940, Morris suddenly struck Flanagan on the head with a hammer, killing him instantly. All five workers present were killed in the same manner. Morris disappeared thereafter. A string of similar crimes occurred until the time of Morris's arrest on 6th March in Arleton, Hampshire.

Morris' victims numbered twelve, and no clear motive has been determined. Specialists continue to be baffled by the seemingly abrupt change in his behavior, as well as the extreme violence of his crimes.

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