The Ritual being performed.

If thy true desire is to be an Entity, there no purer path than this: Remove the heart of a fifteen year-old Rooder of the same bloodline and, before the beat of her heart is stilled, drink deeply of her blood. Thus will the Ritual of Engagement will be completed, and the dark power of the Entity shall be thine.

The Ritual of Engagement is an ancient ritual in Clock Tower 3. The ritual involves removing the heart of a fifteen year-old Rooder girl and drinking her blood. Those who successfully perform the ritual become an Entity.


Darcy Burroughs once wanted to perform this ritual on his daughter Annabel Burroughs, however, she was killed.

Clock Tower 3

After the first fight with the Chopper, Alyssa Hamilton was sent to a graveyard filled with the bodies of fallen Rooders by the Chopper's hand. She learns of the Ritual of Engagement and realizes her grandfather, Dick Hamilton, desires to perform this ritual on her. Possessed by Darcy's dark spirit, Dick attempts this ritual on Alyssa at the top of Burroughs Castle, but Alyssa is able to free herself with the help of Dennis Owen and stop the ritual.

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