Rick's House

Ricks's House is a location in Clock Tower. It is home to Rick, a former butler of the Barrows Castle, and his dog, Victor.

Clock Tower


In the Prologue, Samuel Barton has the option to have the statue, which was found at the crime scene of the Barrows Mansion, either examined by Rick or Sullivan at the Municipal Library. Choosing to send it to Rick will result in sending Nolan Campbell (Jennifer's Scenario) or Stan Gotts (Helen's Scenario) to retrieve it. Regardless of which scenario, Scissorman shows up shortly after Rick is killed. The player must evade him while attempting to find the statue in addition to information of the Barrows Castle.

Nolan's Scenario

The statue can be found in Rick's wardrobe and the information regarding the Barrows Castle is inscribed on the mask in the dining room.

Gotts' Scenario

The statue can be found on the coffee table in the lounge and the information regarding the Barrows Castle behind the picture in the same room.


First floor

  • Main hallway
    • Living room
      • Kitchen
    • Hallway
      • Bathroom
      • Laundry room / Storage

Second floor

  • Hallway
    • Bedroom
    • Den
    • Balcony

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