Artwork of Rick
65 (born 1931)
Determined by player action
Hair color
Eye color
Butler (formerly)
Clock Tower
Voice actor
Barry Gjerde (Game)
Masaaki Tsukada (Drama CD)
What wonderful times they were... except for...
—Rick regards his time spent at the Barrows Castle.

Rick is a character in Clock Tower.


Rick was one of the butlers for the Barrows Castle in England, having served for 10 years prior to the game's events. Having relocated to Oslo, Norway, for his retirement, Rick has lived a peaceful life in his old age with his dog, Victor. He lives in a cabin he bought for himself with the rest of the money he had saved from his former job.

Clock Tower

In the Prologue, he is an option for Samuel Barton to send the statue to for examination. Should the player sent it to Rick, Stan Gotts (Helen's Scenario) or Nolan Campbell (Jennifer's Scenario) would be sent to retrieve it.



If the player decides to give the statue to Sullivan in the Prologue and, later on, have Helen Maxwell go to the library, enacting Scenario 2, Rick won't be involved in the case; thus survived.

Jennifer's / Nolan's Scenario

Upon being interviewed by Nolan, he recounts a bit of his horror stories from the Barrows family before being crushed by a chandelier he was given by none other than the master of the house, Simon Barrows.

Helen's / Gott's Scenario

Upon being interviewed by Gotts, he does the same, but is interrupted by Victor's barking outside. When he tries to calm him down, Victor attacks and kills him.

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