Riccardo Belli
Riccardo render
Riccardo with his hood on.
Male (homunculus)
Around 20, yet his body is that of a middle-aged man due to accelerated aging.
Deceased (except in Ending C and D)
Hair color
Eye color
Castle groundskeeper
Haunting Ground
Voice actor
Fiona, we are... or rather, I am... knowledge. I hold invaluable information from the dawn of time. I am a great alchemist. I will not die. I am Aureolus Belli and I... Look at me, Fiona. Look!
—Riccardo to Fiona, as he unhoods.

Aureolus Riccardo Belli is the secondary antagonist and a stalker from Haunting Ground. He is the third assailant Fiona encounters. He is the steward of Belli Castle.


Riccardo was hurriedly made as a homunculus (man-made human) created by Lorenzo Belli after Ugo Belli eloped from Belli Castle around 20 years prior to Haunting Ground as a clone of Lorenzo/Aureolus Belli.[1][2] However, he was an incomplete clone created without Azoth and biologically ages extremely fast, giving him the appearance of a middle-aged man. In order to prevent his abnormal maturity and slow down his accelerated aging, Riccardo trapped nearby animals from around the castle area and extracted their Azoth.

Riccardo became the castle's self-important grounds-keeper. A monk-like figure, he claims to be a great alchemist. Since Lorenzo cannot walk around Belli Castle ordering everyone around since he is confined to his wheelchair, he makes Riccardo do it for him. He is seen ordering commands to Debilitas, and when interacting with Daniella, repeatedly slaps her across her face in frustration. He is also abusive towards Hewie, and had tied him to a tree trunk with a thick wire, which explains why Hewie fears him.

Riccardo desires Fiona Belli's Azoth because he needs it to be reborn for his immortality, and shouts "Let me into your womb!" at her.

Haunting Ground

Fiona statue

Riccardo's eerie statue of a pregnant Fiona.

Riccardo appears, or at least his voice, when Fiona examines a key in the music room. Riccardo stops playing the piano on the second floor, out of Fiona's sight, and orders her to pull off a nearby sheet. Fiona does so and finds a creepy pregnant statue of her. Riccardo tells her that is what she will become in the future, and says she will be his.

Debilitas is hostile and chases Fiona around the castle but is temporarily stopped by Riccardo. Riccardo tells Fiona that her parents, Ugo and Ayla, died in a car crash and that she is the heir to Belli Castle. Confused and disturbed, Fiona faints and he carries her to a bed in the guestroom.

In one hallway, the player may hear slapping sounds. If the player examines a door when Debilitas is not nearby, they will witness an optional scene in which Fiona peers into a keyhole in one of the castle's rooms and observes Daniella being repeatedly slapped by Riccardo. He demands to know where the "old man" (Lorenzo) is hiding, but Daniella is quiet. After being slapped more, Riccardo says, "Do you hear me old man?! The Azoth is mine!" and walks off.

After Daniella is killed, while exploring the castle, Riccardo chases Fiona with a flintlock pistol. Riccardo keeps his face hidden under a hood, though reveals his face and his plot to Fiona after cornering her in the woods.


Riccardo's revealed face.

In Chaos Forest, Riccardo unhoods and reveals to Fiona that he and Ugo, Fiona's father, are clones of Lorenzo, although only Ugo received the Azoth. Riccardo failed in getting the essence of life from Ugo, but realized that his daughter had inherited the element from her father. Fiona faints again. After beating the game once, on subsequent replays there is an extra scene of Fiona in a laboratory. Riccardo proceeds to stick an object up her vagina as he examines her Azoth. After probing her, he claims he needs another "two or three days at most". Even more disturbing, Fiona's wearing a different outfit, meaning Riccardo undressed her.

Fiona wakes up in a locked cell in the Water Tower, where Riccardo reveals he has the ability to turn invisible. He claims he "owns" Fiona. Riccardo is finally defeated following a battle on top of the Water Tower with Fiona, being knocked off the side by Hewie and falling to his death. After beating the game once, on subsequent replays there is an extra scene of Lorenzo sucking out Riccardo's Azoth and making his eyes turn white.


Riccardo looming over a heavily pregnant Fiona. (Ending D)

If the player achieves the Tu Fui, Ego Eris (D) Ending, when Fiona faints in the forest, Riccardo captures Fiona and impregnates her. He enters Fiona's room and tenderly strokes Fiona's head and her bulging abdomen, as she is now heavily pregnant. She wakes up, smiles, and laughs as if she has gone insane, impregnated with his clone.




Riccardo chasing Fiona.

Unlike the other stalkers, Riccardo seems to have no intentions of killing Fiona by melee. Instead, however, if Fiona gets too close to him during a chase, he may shoot her dead with his gun. Fortunately, Riccardo has terrible aim. He is the only stalker who can instantly kill Fiona using a ranged attack. Because close-range fighting with him is extremely dangerous, it is recommended that Fiona use Hewie, throwable Antimony, or placing Magnesia on the floor.

He is clever and persistent and will frighten her by firing his gun in the air. It is recommended not to kick him from the front because one of his moves involves instantly counterattacking by shoving Fiona on the floor and shooting her in the back.[3]

Like Daniella, Riccardo will also close doors behind him.

The real danger in dealing with Riccardo is that he can shoot and seriously injure Hewie, leaving Fiona to fend for herself. On two occasions, Fiona will be forced to temporarily leave Hewie, making herself an easy target for Riccardo.

Plenty of homunculi are also around in Riccardo's level, causing the normal music to mute, meaning Riccardo can appear without any warning.

In the Water Tower, Riccardo becomes invisible, making him a deadlier foe, and the only way to tell if Riccardo is around is his music. If Fiona attacks him enough or panics, he may disappear. He can also lift her up and choke her to death.


The name Riccardo was an Italian version of an English name Richard, which means "powerful leader" or "ruler". This is definitely due to his desire to be the new owner of the Belli Castle and crudely mentioned about Fiona that she was going to be the "Lady of his Castle".


  • "Beautiful, isn't it? That, my dear, is what you will become in the future..."
  • "You WILL be MINE, Fiona!"
  • "Exire, Debilitas!"
  • "Please excuse me, miss. I am Riccardo. Keeper of the castle."
  • "Since master Ugo and mistress Ayla are both deceased, you, Miss Fiona, are the sole surviving heir of the Belli Castle."
  • "Are you in pain Miss? Will you be alright? You've had a long day, please, rest upstairs. Your bed has been prepared."
  • "Miss Fiona... Now, if you would please come with me..."
  • "But Miss Fiona... You are home! This whole castle is all yours... So, Miss Fiona does not wish to stay at her castle?"
  • "You miserable wench! You were given the greatest gift of all and you don't even appreciate it. I can't believe the Azoth was wasted on you!"
  • "Just like your father, Ugo. We ARE clones."
  • "With that Azoth, I will finally be complete. You are about to give birth to me, all over again..."
  • "Damn you, you worthless mutt!" (scaring Hewie)
  • "Ah... the formula is working, then. It works directly on the eyes. You can't see me, can you? You are mine... I own you... You are mine, I own you!"
  • "Let me into your womb!"
  • "Ah, you're up. Fiona... I've decided you shall give birth to me. Don't worry, I do not intend to kill you... if you would just lend me your womb. I shall be born again... this time, with your Azoth."
  • "Are you over there?!"
  • "Damn mutt!"
  • "You won't get away!"
  • "Looks like I have no choice..."
  • "So this is where you've been hiding?"
  • "Ha ha! I suggest you run, my dear!"
  • "Do your best, Fiona!"
  • "There's nowhere to run!"
  • "It's all over."
  • "Silly girl."




Riccardo climbing ladders.

  • Riccardo can climb ladders, despite there being no ladders in his area.
  • Riccardo, like Fiona, can also play the piano, as one of the songs he plays is Liebestraum No. 3.
  • By technicality, Riccardo is Fiona's uncle and Ugo's brother.
  • In Fiona's Game Over screen, Riccardo seems to rip off Fiona's clothes before raping her. This is due to his desire to be reborn again using Fiona's Azoth.
  • Unlike Ugo, Riccardo had scars all over his face. This could be due to him being a troublemaker as Lorenzo said, or it could be the effects of him using the "dry method" to stay alive.
  • Riccardo has more trigger areas in-game than Debilitas, Daniella, or Lorenzo.
  • Riccardo's death is the only death with a special scene that can only be seen with a second playthrough.
  • It is clear that Riccardo is not a favorite of Lorenzo, since Riccardo was disobedient as a child, as stated by Lorenzo. It is speculated that Riccardo wanted the Azoth, not only to be reborn with eternal life, but also to make it unable for Lorenzo to do so as well.
  • There is a trap that can be triggered only for Riccardo that lacks a cutscene. In the Decomposer room, he can fall into a pit if lured onto a part of the floor.



Haunting Ground

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