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Virgin meets devil
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Then the Virgin meets the Devil...

Remothered, stylized as REMOTHERED, is an upcoming survival horror game directed by Chris Darril.

The game is a tribute to Hifumi Kouno's Clock Tower: The First Fear, inspired by Haunting Ground as well as other horror-related media such as Dario Argento's cinematography Phenomena, and others.

Plot Edit

Set in 1978, Remothered revolves around four orphaned girls who arrive at the Baroni Mansion, also known as the "Red Vineyard," after their orphanage closes down. Before the girls are able to get adjusted to their new home, they begin to discover strange clues of something terrible that occurred there years ago, involving the mysterious death of a woman and her child. As the mystery unravels, the girls soon start to disappear, one after another. A mysterious woman in red, a sort of nun, seems the cause of everything bad there.


Originally has been considered a fan remake of Clock Tower: The First Fear, it was a rumor until May 2009 (when it was only a written concept), when Chris Darril instead announced that this tribute to the most important 90's horror series and that he entitled Remothered, revealing new images and videos of its progress.

In early 2012, Chris Darril revealed that Remothered was to be redesigned with modern 3D graphics, new characters, and a freestyle control system similar to that of Haunting Ground, Siren: Blood Curse and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

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Music Edit

Main article: Remothered Original Soundtrack

Christopher Darril, David Gonzalez, Mattia Gosetti and Dan Beyer composed the game soundtrack. The gothic-rock band UEICKAP provided one of their songs, Why, as the theme of Remothered. Dan Beyer is the last addition to the Remothered musicians. The soundtrack is already available for purchase online.


Chris Darril has stated that much of his inspiration for Remothered comes from the Lovecraft literature, as well as Dario Argento's filmography, which includes Phenomena. He has also been inspired by survival horror games such as​ the Clock Tower series and its spin-off Haunting Ground, Rule of Rose, the Silent Hill series and the Siren series.

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