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Quintin Barrows is a minor character mentioned in Clock Tower and its novelization. He was one of the ancestors of the Barrows Family.


The head of the household of the 13th generation of the Barrows, he lived in the Barrows Castle in the 18th century.

According to a "local fairy tale", Quintin had a son named John Barrows, the very first Scissorman who terrorized and killed children within the vicinity of northern England. However, John was then killed by his own father, who opposed of his son's massacre. As a result, Quintin was marked by his household as a "traitor". Nevertheless, he created a spell that can be used to exorcise devil children, like his son.

According to the Japanese novelization, Quintin was later assassinated by the demonic cult his family had followed for generations.

Clock Tower

In the final scenario, Jennifer Simpson, Helen Maxwell, and a group of people from the University Research Building arrived at the castle to investigate and find clues regarding the statue as well the key to kill Scissorman.

The player would come across Quintin's spell as well information regarding him and his son. Jennifer finds a "genealogy" memo with his name on it which calls him a traitor. Jennifer can find a memo behind his portrait which reads, "Danger is near. I've hidden the map in the library. I hope people in a later time may discover the door and expel the devil children from this world." Helen can find a memo which reads, "A spell to exorcise the devil children is concealed in the fireplace."