Prima Materia
Prima materia
In-game appearance
One of three components in creating White Godstone
Bushes in graveyard, Belli Castle
Haunting Ground
An indescribable material that looks like it could be both a solid and a liquid.

The Prima Materia is an item in Haunting Ground. Its appearance could only be described as "a combination of solid and liquid matter". To obtain the Prima Materia, Fiona must send Hewie through the bushes in the Graveyard (near the red cages room).

Prima Materia is one of three components used in the creation of the White Godstone. It is used in the Extractor to create the Sulfuric Ore. It is symbolic of nigredo.


  • Hewie had previously run off with the Prima Materia as the note in the Decomposer room mentions. In Hard Mode, after Hewie has retrieved the Prima Materia from the graveyard, he will comment: "Aww! You found my hidden treasure! Oh well."

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