Precious Hewie
Haunting Ground (Demento) OST - Precious Hewie01:25

Haunting Ground (Demento) OST - Precious Hewie

Demento Original Soundtrack
Seiko Kobuchi
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Precious Hewie is a song from Haunting Ground. It is track nine on the Demento Original Soundtrack and plays during many scenes involving Hewie including when Fiona Belli rescues him from captivity, after he saves her from Debilitas, after he is shot by Riccardo Belli, when he rescues Fiona in the Water Tower, and when he comforts her at the very end of the game as they leave Belli Castle. The song also plays if Hewie receives a fatal injury on Hard Mode, resulting in a Game Over, and a reprisal version of the song plays at the end of "Endless Zero".

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