In-game appearance in Clock Tower 3
Open the back door (Clock Tower)
Cut the barbed wire (Clock Tower 3)
Drawer in computer room, University Research Building (Clock Tower)
Victoria Hall (requires Matches) (Clock Tower 3)
Clock Tower
Clock Tower 3
Standard-issue pliers. Should cut through wire.

The Pliers is an item in Clock Tower and Clock Tower 3.

Clock Tower

The pliers are a required item to cut the wire off the back door in the storage room and, with the storage key, escape the University Research Building and complete Scenario 1 of Helen's Scenario.

Scenario 1

The pliers can be found at:

  • 3rd floor

Clock Tower 3

They are found in Victoria Hall at the top of the lift. They can be used to cut the barbed wire on the door to the piano room in Norton's Tailor.


Clock Tower

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