Philip Hamilton
Philip being attacked by Dick
Hair color
Light brown
Eye color
Clock Tower 3
Voice actor
Unknown (English)
Hiroshi Kawachi (Japanese)
What are you doing, Dick?! ...Stop, Dick! Don't do this!
—Philip, as he is attacked by his father-in-law.

Philip Hamilton was the father of Alyssa Hamilton, and the late husband of Nancy Hamilton. He is mentioned and shown briefly in Clock Tower 3.


Shortly before Alyssa's birth, Philip and Nancy fell in love and married. Dick Hamilton initially approved of their marriage in order for the Rooder bloodline to continue. He immediately regretted this however, and festered a hatred for Philip. Dick felt Philip "lacks class", "has not a shred of dignity" and "loses no opportunity to exhibit his stupidity and weakness of character."

When Alyssa was an infant in 1988, Philip was killed by Dick Hamilton in a fit of rage, stating that he had gone too far by suggesting that Alyssa should not become a Rooder.

For a long time, Alyssa knew nothing about him, as he had been gone ever since she was an infant. Due to her father's absence, Alyssa saw her grandfather, Dick, as a father figure. Philip is also mentioned several times in Dick's diary.

Clock Tower 3

At some point in-game, Alyssa comes across a flashback that detailed Philip's death at the hands of Dick. Shortly afterwards, Chopper revealed to Alyssa that Philip was killed by her grandfather, to which Alyssa refused to believe at first.



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