Monica Flores
21 (born in 1994 or 1995)
Unknown (determined by ending)
Hair color
Eye color
College student
Part time waitress/janitor
Voice actor
Hannah Grace (English)
Nazuka Kaori (Japanese)
This is no time to be laughing. We have to get out of here before it comes back!
—Monica to Eric

Monica Flores is the first of three playable characters in NightCry, the other two being Leonard Cosgrove and Rooney Simpson.


Monica has blue eyes and blonde hair that reaches down her back. Monica sports a sleeveless green dress with a shawl which is taken off right in the start of her scenario, and white high heels.

After witnessing Harry's death and the encounter with the Scissorwalker, Monica's dress becomes covered in blood as well as her legs and heels. This appearance remains in Scenario 3.


Monica is a student that takes Leonard's course. She is out-going and has a lot of friends, but no "best friends." She suffers from mood-swings, and is easily influenced by passing trends. She and Rooney don’t get along, likely because they’re polar opposites.

She comes from an impoverished background, the eldest daughter of 7 siblings - some (or perhaps all of them) are brothers. She attends college by working part-time as a janitor and as a waitress. Her dream is to fall in love with a rich celebrity, and she hopes to accomplish that during the cruise.

Later in the game, Monica reveals her little brothers depend on her and she's raising them herself, which could imply Monica and her siblings are orphans. The reasoning behind Monica wanting to get with a rich man is that she wants to become wealthy to help her siblings.


Chapter One


Monica gives Eric her jacket.

Monica is only playable in Chapter One, which acts as a bit of a tutorial and prologue. She gives a clerk named Eric her jacket.

While looking for her friend Harry, she helps the owner of the ship, Vigo Boradsov, by boiling his artificial eye and also encounters a strange little girl named Connie.

Soon, Monica encounters the Scissorwalker after Scissorwalker kills Harry by pulling him into a vending machine. Monica then tries to escape the ship. Her friends Kelly Butler and Jessica Lopez also go missing.

Monica becomes stranded on the bottom deck, but locates a smartphone belonging to a "John Thompson". John's wife, Angie Brown, communicates with Monica and she is able to unlock his briefcase, finding a fuse that restores power to the elevator. In order to receive the best ending, Monica must find a wedding ring, send a HELP message using the phone, and find Jessica's corpse.

On the upper floor of the ship's cafe, Monica reunites with Eric the clerk and they vow to escape.

Chapter Three

In the storage area, Rooney finds a wounded Monica hiding in a storage container, who somehow became trapped in after something locked her in from behind. If Monica received John's wedding ring from Chapter One, she will pass it onto Rooney.

Elsewhere in the storage area, Eric tells Rooney that she can climb through the air ducts to escape. Eric provides Rooney with some antibiotics and in the true ending, both Rooney and Monica take them.

Later, when Rooney is being held by Jerome Theuriau, Monica whacks Jerome on the head. After Rooney kills Vigo and the Scissorwalker, Monica and Rooney are rescued by a helicopter.

Alternate Endings


Rooney walks past Monica's bloody corpse.

  • Purgatory: Triggered if Rooney fails to take the antibiotic Eric gives her (and thus to give it to Monica). Rooney collapses inside the ship's hospital. She is later walking down the corridors of the Oceanus, bloodied and emotionless, passing the old lady from the elevator as well as Monica. She stops in front of Connie, who says "Now we can play together forever..." as she raises her hat.
  • Pre-established harmony: Triggered if the wedding ring is not found and given to Angie in the clothing store. When Rooney approaches the Billard Puzzle door, Vigo is standing outside the door, and blasts her with sleeping gas. The same sequence as Purgatory plays, but with a brief view of the Scissorwalker seen at the end.
  • The lone survivor: Triggered if Rooney fails to use the Eye of the Kassites (or doesn't have it). Rooney and Monica are killed by the Scissorwalker. Similar to Two Survivors, but instead of Rooney and Monica standing on deck there is now Eric.
  • A Face In The Waves: Triggered if Monica fails to send a SNS message in Chapter One. When Monica comes out of the storage room onto the deck, rather than the single crewman Eric, she is confronted by the Faithful, who throw her overboard. A large image of the Scissorwalker appears in the water.


NightCry - Game Over

NightCry - Game Over

Monica's Game Overs are the first three minutes.

  • Like Fiona Belli, Monica is equipped with minor jiggle physics.
  • Something sensible and intelligent that Monica does is sending an emergency text: "Murder aboard Oceanus. HELP" instead of something like "There's a supernatural murderer who can teleport and uses giant scissors to kill. HELP" as very few would believe that. Monica being non-descriptive probably helped save her and Rooney's life. When Helen Maxwell attempted an emergency call, she got hung up on.[1]
  • Monica's favorite snack food are pretzels.
  • It seems that due to a developer goof, after Rooney finds Monica's necklace in one of the containers, she finds Monica in another container, who is still wearing a necklace.

Monica running in high heels.

  • Many players question why Monica doesn't just remove her high heels while being stalked by Scissorwalker. Monica never expected to be chased by a serial killer, and she's probably been wearing them for an extended amount of time during the cruise which she's been on for a week. Wearing high heels for long periods of time can damage the feet and have negative health effects such as metatarsalgia, bunions, worse posture, hammertoes, etc. When people remove high heels after wearing them for so long, it takes time for their feet to adjust back to normal, and during this transition period, walking and running can be dangerous and awkward, which is probably one reason Monica doesn't remove them as it may only make things worse. In addition, if Monica left her high heels somewhere, it would only act as a clue for Scissorwalker to find her location. In the first encounter, Monica doesn't have time to go find a hiding spot for her heels. If Monica fell to the floor and Scissorwalker grabbed her leg and pulled her in, she could kick Scissorwalker, but if she was barefoot, it wouldn't have as much impact.


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