Metal Boots
Metal boots
In-game appearance
Player's attack power doubles, and the chance of inflicting a power attack increases
Basement (behind locked bathroom stall), Belli Castle (requires Smudged Key)
Refining Room (if created)
Haunting Ground
Steel-toed boots. Kick attack becomes twice as powerful. Minor chance of hitting enemy with a power attack.

The Metal Boots is an item in Haunting Ground. When equipped, the player's attack power doubles, and the chance of inflicting a power attack increases.

The boots can be found if Fiona chose to spare Debilitas' life in the chapel's boss battle; which she can then visit him in his hut and he will give her the Smudged Key as an apology for chasing her. If the player chose to kill Debilitas instead, Fiona will not have such easy access to the boots; but it is possible - although difficult - to create the boots by synthesizing the Medallions in the Refining Room.

The Metal Boots are stronger than the regular boots but they cause more noise and can attract a Stalker more easily. For this reason, it would be wise to only equip and use these boots when encountering a Stalker and then un-equip them while exploring, running away or hiding.

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