Mary Barrows
Mary Barrows2
Mary's guidebook artwork
35 (born 1960)
Deceased (in canon ending)
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Dark blonde
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Granite Orphanage teacher
Clock Tower: The First Fear
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Jennifer, you've been a terrible daughter... My... my son is DEAD because of YOU!
—Mary to Jennifer in Ending C

Mary Barrows is the main antagonist of Clock Tower: The First Fear. She plans the demise of four girls, unleashing her son, Bobby Barrows as her main form of murder.

She is referred to as "Miss Mary" by Jennifer Simpson, Anne, Laura Harrington and Lotte. While she seems to simply be a quiet and innocent woman while bringing the four girls to their new home, it is soon revealed that the horrors of that night in September were all orchestrated by her, in an attempt to slaughter the innocent girls. Mary was killed during the clock tower mansion incident.


Jennifer, do not trouble me. I'll punish you... maybe then, you'll be a NICE, QUIET CHILD!
—Mary killing Jennifer with a shotgun

Mary is a very warped, violent, vengeful and cruel woman, obsessed with the dark arts and occult. She sees no ill with murdering innocent people to get what she wants. Considering the occult imagery throughout the mansion, as well as a ceremony room with a giant pentagram on the floor, it could be theorized that Mary is a demon-worshiping Satanist or a member of Theodore Barrows' religious cult which worshiped the Great Father.

She displays a level of cunning and manipulation, as is successfully able to hide her crimes and the existence of her two monstrous children from the rest of the world, and successfully feigns kindness towards Jennifer, Anne, Laura and Lotte, gaining their trust only to break it later as the murders occur.

Despite her ruthlessness and lack of empathy for her victims, Mary does appear to love her two sons and is very protective of them, becoming hysterical and vowing vengeance upon Jennifer for killing Dan in one possible ending. Mary also murders Dr. Walter Simpson for threatening her children.

Given her behavior in the game's climax, her willingness to harm others with no remorse and reports of her behaving "erratically" while employed at the orphanage, that she is a very mentally unstable individual and a possible psychopath. Her cool demeanor is a complete facade.


Mary's appearance, depending on the media and artwork, is somewhat inconsistent. However, she always appears as a blonde to brunette woman in a blouse, skirt and high heels.

In-game, her blouse is grey-white and her skirt is black.

In the manga adaptation and some art, Mary appears to wear earrings, red lipstick and red nail polish.



Walter assisting one of the Barrows' birth.

Mary was interested in black magic and occultism since her childhood. After the birth of a brother, Mary and her brother wanted to sacrifice people. Mary is a member of the Barrows Family, although whether or not she was married into the family with Simon Barrows is unclear. It is likely she was married into the family as it's more common for wives to take their husband's name.

At some point in time, she married Simon Barrows and gave birth to a pair of twins, Bobby and Dan, with the help of Dr. Walter Simpson in November 1986. However, they were not normal twins, as they devoured Dr. Simpson's right hand. Dr. Simpson immediately discovered that the children were demons, and they should have died instead. As a result, Mary had Dr. Simpson sealed in a secret room that was intended for her, where he died three days later of suffocation. Simon learned of this and attempted to kill Mary, but he failed and she locked him inside the shed within the courtyard of the mansion. Originally, Mary intended to kill Simon, but decided to keep him trapped for at least nine years in order to make him suffer more.

According to the guidebook, Clock Tower Official Strategy Guide: Guide for Victory, five years prior to the events of The First Fear, around 1990, Mary started working for the Granite Orphanage as a teacher, at which time she became known for her erratic and hysterical behavior; it's also implied that she didn't use her real surname while working at the Orphanage, which explains Jennifer's shock when she finds out that Mary is in fact the Devil Twins' mother.

Developer Hifumi Kono revealed that Mary sacrificed a large number to feed Dan, implied to be somewhere from 30-100 people ("numbering not in the tens but many times that amount"), before the events of The First Fear. How no one was able to realize that Mary was responsible is unknown.

Clock Tower: The First Fear

Using her position as teacher in the orphanage as a means to act as a go-between for her husband, Mary adopted four orphan girls, Jennifer, Anne, Laura, and Lotte from the Granite Orphanage to live with her and Simon at their mansion in Norway.

Before they arrived, it is heavily implied that Mary locked all the doors, windows (leading to the outside, the inner courtyard windows wouldn't matter) and possible exits of the mansion to prevent the girls from escaping.


Mary disappears after leaving the girls in the foyer.

When they arrived, she had them wait in the main foyer while she left to get "Mr. Barrows" (Simon), however, this is later revealed to be an excuse for her departure. It is then assumed she was scheming, along with Bobby, the demises of the four girls in order to feed their remains to Dan. If any of the girls escaped, then Mary could easily pin the blame on Scissorman and she could still appear innocent. If any of the remaining girls survived the initial Scissorman murders directly, then she could finish them directly with her knife or a shotgun. Mary also prepared poisoned sleeping drinks for the girls to make her murders easier.


Mary giving Jennifer a drugged sleeping drink.

Mary will later be found in the lounge. She will comfort Jennifer by giving her a wine glass, which poisons her, and then Mary will lock her in the shed along with Simon, where she (if Jennifer does not have the Green Key) later kills Lotte with a shotgun and attempts to kill Jennifer in the same manner. Jennifer will then have to pick up a wooden board next to the door in order to knock Mary out once she enters the shed in order to escape; otherwise, Mary will shoot and kill Jennifer, who would either be standing still or hiding inside a nearby box, thus resulting in a Dead End.

If Jennifer finds out about her father's demise first, Mary will simply attempt to kill Jennifer in the lounge with a knife. However, if the player exits said room and re-enters it, Mary will have strangely vanished without a trace (either due to developer oversight or a secret passage), with the glass (containing the Silver Key) she was supposed to give to Jennifer on the table.



Mary being electrocuted in Ending B.


Mary chasing Jennifer up the clock tower in Ending C.

Mary met her demise at the top of the clock tower. Depending on the path selected, she can either:

  • Fall off a ledge while being attacked by crows (Endings S and A)
  • Be thrown into the circuit board by Jennifer and shocked to death (Ending B)
  • Fall off the ladder of the clock tower in an attempt to kill Jennifer (Ending C)

In some of the endings, Mary either kills Jennifer herself, and/or lives.

Although Mary doesn't appear in Ending G, she is indirectly alluded to when it reveals that Jennifer, upon returning to the orphanage, was found dead in her room three days later. Hifumi Kono, the game's director, confirmed that Mary was indeed directly involved in her death during that time, although the exact cause was unknown.[1]

In the Japanese novelization of Clock Tower, though, Mary met her demise from being pecked and flung off by the crows. Canonically, Mary died in the incident, as reports say that Jennifer was the only survivor.[1]

Creator's comment

According to Hifumi Kono, the game's director, Mary was interested in black magic and occultism since her childhood. After the birth of a brother, Mary and her brother wanted to sacrifice people. Her husband, Simon Barrows, wanted to stop her and tried to kill her, but he failed and Mary held Simon in a cell.

Originally, Mary intended to kill Simon, but kept him trapped for years to make him suffer more. In the same interview, he appointed similarities between Mary and Kay SatterwhiteEdward's legal guardian in Clock Tower.

There is no direct relationship between Mary and Kay. However, both of their personalities are egoistic and they can't control their obsession with things, so it is easy for them to act along with Scissor Man (Even still, Kay intended to keep balance with her social life). So, when considering what kind of person to create with such a mentality, that type of appearance fit the best.
—Hifumi Kono [2]
Before Mary lured Jennifer and her friends into the mansion, she had been giving a sacrifice (toy) to her boys in the same manner. According to the police search, there are thought to be many undiscovered victims other than those in the stuffed body room, numbering not in the tens but many times that amount.
—Hifumi Kono [3]


  • "Now isn't that a pity... Jennifer, don't move a muscle. I will punish you." (after murdering Lotte)
  • "There's no point in hiding. Come out wherever you are, Jennifer. Hiding in a place like this. Just like a thief!"


  • In Japanese, Mary is called "Mary-sensei" (メアリー先生), which literally means "Teacher Mary".
  • Mary is probably the closest female figure the girls had to a mother/maternal figure, adding to the tragic nature of Mary's betrayal of them.
  • If the player discovers Walter Simpson's corpse, then encounters Mary in the lounge, she will attack Jennifer with a knife. If Jennifer turns off the lights, Mary flashes between a normal woman to a sprite in bright colors. The lights will turn back on automatically and Mary will turn back to normal. This is an error that only appears in the SNES version.[2]
  • Mary wears perfume which Jennifer must use to sneak past a guard dog familiar with Mary's scent.
  • Mary could be seen as an antithesis or inversion of the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus.
    • A possibility is that Mary was impregnated by Satan himself or some other malevolent entity (such as "the Great Father").
  • It is possible that Mary was partially inspired by Betsy Palmer's portrayal of Pamela Voorhees in the original Friday the 13th.


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