In-game appearance
Damages stalker (low)
Haunting Ground
Created by polishing extracted Magnesium ore. This item is used by setting it on the ground. If the enemy runs over the magnesia it will explode and do damage to them.

The Magnesia is an attack item in Haunting Ground. It is to be placed on the ground, and causes low damage to a stalker when he/she walks over it.

It is more plentiful than its counterparts, but it is also the weakest.


  • The common method is to place any form of Magnesia on the ground and simply lead a stalker until they walk over it and take damage. The stronger the Magnesia is, the more damage they receive; it is also wise to lay down more than one stone in a straight line and make them walk along it until they collapse.
  • Placing the stones while standing at the top of a flight of stairs will cause them to roll down the steps and hit a stalker directly while at a safe distance.


  • Magnesia is loosely inspired by the compound Magnesium.

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