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Jessica Lopez
Young adult
Deceased (died 2016)
Hair color
Eye color
College student
Voice actor
Donna Burke (English)
Itou Asuka (Japanese)

Jessica Lopez is a character in NightCry. She is one of Monica Flores' best friends, alongside Kelly Butler.


Scenario One


Jessica's body.

She is a victim of Scissorwalker and killed in Scenario One. The discovery of her body is optional, although necessary to continue towards the true ending. If Monica finds her, her body is located in a locker in the storage room where the key to the second floor of the cafe is.

Scenario Three

In Scenario Three, she has a brief voice call. When in the holds and after evading the Scissorwalker's attack there, she will call Rooney Simpson attempting to warn her that one of the staff members, Eric, is dangerous only to end up cut off (presumably due to being killed by Scissorwalker). However, by this point, Jessica is already dead, implying that it was a post-mortem phone call. It can be theorized that Eric killed Jessica.

In the finale, Jessica's body is strung in the dance hall.

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