Ghost Children
Kid Ghosts
Male and female
Young age (at time of death)
Hair color
Eye color
Clock Tower
Voice actor
Little John from the big castle plays with a little boy... Snip snip snip, off goes his head... Bright red, bright red...

The Ghost Children (referred in dialogue) are minor characters in Clock Tower. They were innocent children who were abducted and killed within the Barrows Castle by John Barrows, the very first Scissorman, and possibly those killed by Theodore Barrows as well.

Clock Tower

Scenario 3


The ghost children singing (Jennifer's scenario)

In both Jennifer Simpson's scenario and Helen Maxwell's scenario, the ghost children can be encountered in a bone-littered chamber within the castle. After Jennifer finds Nolan Campbell (Jennifer's scenario) or Helen finds Stan Gotts (Helen's scenario) in the same chamber, they would briefly witness the ghost children singing "Little John from the Big Castle", which recounts the murders committed by John.

Little John from the Big Castle

Little John from the big castle
Plays with a little boy
Snip, snip, snip, off goes his head
Bright red, bright red

Little John from the big castle
Plays with a little girl
Stab, stab, stab, she loses her sight
Bright white, bright white

Little John from the big castle
Found another friend
Slash, slash, slash, into his tummy
Out his sides, red and runny


  • They are referred as "Ghosts" in their concept artwork.

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