Emily Dickins
Around 17 (at time of death)
Hair color
Eye color
Innkeeper's daughter
Clock Tower 3
Voice actor

Emily Dickins is a minor character in Clock Tower 3, mentioned in the document Book of Entities 3. She was a young woman who lived in the mid-seventeenth century, and was Chopper's first victim.


Emily was the daughter of the village innkeeper. When a local deformed man, Harold Powell, proposed marriage to her, she cruelly rejected him. Furious, he dismembered her with an axe, and continued to go from village to village murdering young girls in the same fashion until he was caught and executed two years later.



The file.

During the game, in a cabin in the Rooder Graveyard the player can find a file telling the story of Chopper, where she is mentioned:

In 1655, a woodcutter by the name of Harold Powell was born in Cardiff, Wales. Hideously deformed at birth, he suffered the taunts and ill will of all those around him. At 17 years of age, he proposed marriage to Emily Dickins, the innkeeper's daughter, but was cruelly rebuffed. In retaliation, he is said to have dismembered Emily with his axe. For years following the gruesome event, he went from village to village, abducting young girls and butchering them in the same fashion. Two years later he was caught by villagers and killed. However, Powell was possessed by an Entity, and revived to hunt for Rooders as the head of the Subordinates.


  • Her name most likely comes from Emily Dickinson, an American poet of the mid-nineteenth century.

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