Dick's Notes 2 is a document in Clock Tower 3 about Dick Hamilton's hate for his son-in-law, Philip Hamilton.


12th May, 1998

My sweet Alyssa. Her small hands have grasped my heart, and will not let go. But to think that the father of my beautiful granddaughter is Philip!! It is more than I can bear. I consented to the marriage, so as to protect the Rooder bloodline. I realise now, that was a foolish mistake.

The man lacks class, and has not a shred of dignity! He loses no opportunity to exhibit his stupidity and weakness of character. We Hamiltons have no place for men of that nature. Even Nancy has been affected by his rubbish, saying that she does not want to raise Alyssa to be a Rooder.

Of course, the existence of a Rooder is fraught with danger. But given the gravity of the situation, and the great responsibility of a Rooder family, the obligation can not be shirked. Any attempt to avoid such a duty is indeed shameful. As long as I am the head of this house, that man will never be accepted as one of us.

No date. Scribbled as though in haste.

Finally, Phillip went too far! I could no longer allow him to defy me! But that headstrong act has turned me into a vile murderer. I must carry my secret to the grave. I cannot allow the Rooder line and the Hamilton legacy to be disrupted. There is nothing to be done but handle the police carefully and tread with the utmost of caution...

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