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Daniella wielding her glass window shard
Early 20s
Deceased (except in Ending C)
Hair color
Metallic violet
Eye color
Maid of Belli Castle
Haunting Ground
Voice actor
Blood... flesh... woman. You vile creature. You lure the man into your filthy body again and again. And you are allowed to do that because you are a precious, precious little princess! Precious, precious little princess!
—Daniella to Fiona Belli

Daniella is a character and stalker from Haunting Ground. She is the maid of Belli Castle.

Appearance Edit

Danirlla back

Daniella's scar-like lines above the ribbon.

Daniella has very pale skin, and light purple hair in swirling pigtail ringlets with a side bang covering her right eye. Her right cheek has slight veins. She is slender and a little taller than Fiona Belli. Daniella's palm has cuts and her fingertips are bloody. Her face is expressionless, except for sinister smiles.

Her back seems to have vertical scars on it, almost as if someone (likely Riccardo) has sliced at her back several times with a sharp object, possibly to torture her or test if she can feel pain. If this is true, then it is possible Daniella may be used as an object for Riccardo's sadistic pleasure. However, it is also possible that the lines are simply part of a unique corset, and that the prior speculation is false.

She wears a long, blue-green maid dress with a stylized Caduceus symbol on her shoulder, along with large cuffs and a brooch. Her apron appears to be stained with blood. In Hard Mode, her dress is red.

Daniella is occasionally seen wielding a shard or a fire poker as a weapon.

Personality Edit

Daniellas laughing01:52

Daniellas laughing

Daniella laughing.

Initially, Daniella seems unemotional and apathetic and hardly speaks more than absolutely necessary, but is prone to erratic mood swings, split personalities, maniacal laughter and screaming, and violent body/head twitching spasms. Daniella strives for perfection, and her desire to be the "perfect woman" has led her to levels of instability. She occasionally walks and moves like a robot or marionette. Fiona describes Daniella as "the maid from hell".



Daniella is mentally unstable and shows strong symptoms of depression, bipolar disorder, dysphoria, schizophrenia, psychosis, obsessive–compulsive disorder, mania, body dysmorphic disorder and dissociative identity disorder. Daniella might have a split personality disorder, alternating between intentions of murder to ignoring Fiona altogether for "cleaning time". Daniella hates looking at herself in the mirror because she hates herself because she is "incomplete", and will shriek at the sight of her reflection. Daniella's palm has cuts and her fingertips are bloody, implying that she cuts herself to try to feel pain, although this minor detail is never mentioned during the game.

Daniella chases after Fiona out of jealousy that Fiona has human qualities. Daniella has a strong complex towards women, the gender who give birth, and is possibly a misogynist. Fiona possesses the Azoth, which Daniella believes will make herself fully human and "complete". With limited knowledge of alchemy, Daniella believes that if Fiona is killed, she can simply take it from her corpse after ripping out her uterus.

Biography Edit

Contrary to popular belief, Daniella is not a homunculus, even though her comments, such as "My creator said he made me the perfect woman", imply she is. She believes that she is a mechanical doll created by Lorenzo, but is actually alive.[1]

Daniella was born infertile. She was kidnapped, possibly as a baby or young girl, by Lorenzo to take care of Belli Castle. Since she is a maid, she does the food and cleaning tasks that Lorenzo is unable to do himself due to being confined in a wheelchair, possibly to no end, and has no sense of free will.

Perhaps from drugs, she has lost all of her former memories, and feels nothing, not even pain. Daniella cannot experience taste, feel pleasure or pain, have sexual intercourse or bear children. Her senses are very numb and subdued. Why her hair has a purple tint or why she has the ability to cry blood is unknown.

Daniella also tends her own garden of mandragora, which are screaming human-like plants that either scream or use their poisonous leaves as a defense mechanism.

Haunting Ground Edit


Daniella smiles at Fiona through the peephole.

Daniella, commanded by Lorenzo, unlocks Fiona's cage. Fiona first encounters Daniella in the castle's guest room, who seems very unemotional and distant to her. Daniella provides Fiona basic clothing and then leaves. It appears that Daniella had already known about Fiona, possibly from Lorenzo, as she seems prepared for Fiona's arrival in the castle.

Later, Fiona encounters Daniella in the castle's kitchen preparing dinner. The temperature of the soup Daniella is cooking seems to be so high that it devours the ladle.

Eventually, Fiona peers into a peephole in one of the castle's rooms and observes Daniella being repeatedly slapped by Riccardo; Daniella is aware of Fiona's presence and smiles back at her, frightening her and sending her into a panic.


Daniella tells Fiona that dinner is served.

Once Debilitas is defeated by Fiona and Hewie, Daniella appears out of nowhere and urges Fiona to attend dinner when she tries to unlock a door. In an awkward conversation in the castle's dining room, Fiona sits before Daniella who tells her that she cannot taste or experience pain and pleasure. It is apparent that Daniella served Fiona too many dishes of soup. Fiona, feeling uncomfortable, leaves the room to go rest in the guest room since she had lost all of her energy after eating the meal Daniella had given her.

Daniella reappears in Fiona's guest room and places her hand over Fiona's womb, jealous of Fiona's ability to bear children, which causes Fiona to awaken. Daniella tells Fiona that she isn't "complete". Fiona watches in terror as Daniella begins repeatedly bashing her head against a window and breaking it. Daniella takes a glass shard from the shattered window, cutting and bleeding her palms in the process, and begins pursuing Fiona with it throughout the castle. At one point, when Fiona trips on stairs, Daniella notices a mirror on the wall and begins screaming at her reflection. Fiona takes the opportunity to flee to the Old Mansion.


Daniella pierced through the heart.

Daniella's end comes when Fiona and Hewie enter a stargazing room and face her in a boss fight. Daniella tells Fiona that Fiona's body is "filthy", licks her glass shard/iron poker, and cries blood. After a boss fight, a mirror is revealed beneath her and, at the sight of her reflection, Daniella screams at such a high pitch that the glass above her shatters. Daniella notices and looks up, twirling in the falling shards. A huge shard then falls down upon her, impaling her through her abdominal area and her heart. As Daniella dies, she smiles, happy that she has finally experienced pain and can die fulfilled.

Gameplay Edit



Daniella stalking Fiona.

She initially attacks Fiona with either a broken shard of glass, and if she can't find Fiona, she has a tendency to take her anger out on Hewie. When Daniella begins to get frustrated because of her being unable to catch Fiona, she begins to walk and chase Fiona differently. She will begin to sprint after her, and then, she will robotically walk after Fiona. Daniella has a habit of closing doors behind her, which can be deadly if Fiona is found in a closed room. There are several mirrors covered by sheets throughout Daniella's level which Fiona can remove, and Daniella can be lured in front of them and be temporarily distracted.

Daniella is the only stalker that can hide in the hiding spots that Fiona can use. Even though she can only hide in the closet and/or dresser, it is still an annoyance when she finds Fiona. The only way to tell if Daniella is there is if Hewie is growling at the closet and/or dresser. If Hewie growls at the wardrobe, then it is inadvisable to open it as Daniella will give chase.


Daniella wielding the fire poker.

If equipped with the optional fire poker, Daniella will become more aggressive toward Fiona and scream more often. In the player's favor though, she will also fail to catch Fiona's hiding places as quickly, and may not close doors as often. She can also charge, which is very annoying to the player and may cause Fiona to panic or take extra damage.

During her boss fight, she is surprisingly frail, either due to her madness corrupting her, or because of previous injuries inflicted by Fiona and Hewie. She is consequently much easier to knock out than before, but she recovers more quickly as well. This is stated by Fiona, claiming that she must be "the maid from hell". In order to finally kill Daniella, Hewie needs to distract her as Fiona pushes the blocks onto their respective colored panels. Daniella must be lured onto the shining mirror in the middle.

Quotes Edit

  • "I've gathered some clothes for you..."
  • "Yes, Master... We will keep her here for a while... I will make sure she stays comfortable."
  • "Preparations for dinner are complete, Master."
  • "Dinner is served, Miss... Dinner is served, Miss..."
  • "My creator said he made me the perfect woman... but I cannot taste... or experience pleasure... or feel... pain."
  • "I am incomplete."
  • "I am not complete."
  • "Miss... It's cleaning time now."
  • "Oh my. What a filthy little princess. A small present from the lord of the manor..."
  • "Miss?"
  • "Oh, Miss Fiona..."
  • "Azoth... Azoth... Essence of life... of life... of wo... wo... woman... WOMAN! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Trivia Edit

Daniella hands

Daniella's bloody hands.

  • Even in the beginning of the game, Daniella's palm has cuts and her fingertips are bloody, implying that she cuts herself to try to feel pain, although this minor detail is never mentioned during the game. During the window scene, Daniella's palms are fully covered in blood.
  • Daniella's name is never spoken in the game, thus Fiona never discovers it; when Fiona refers to Daniella, she simply uses "she" or "the maid". Her name is merely listed in the game's booklet, and in the character viewer.
  • Daniella possesses an unnatural purple tint to her hair. In some scenes, Lorenzo is also seen with unnatural purple skin. It is highly possible that they are connected, and that the purple is a result of an alchemical substance, possibly Azoth itself.
  • The player can entirely avoid Daniella by simply not examining her in the Room of Truth, which is unlocked with the Jupiter Key.
Daniella Serving Dinner
Dinner Is Complete
  • There is unused voice dialog of Daniella serving dinner in the game's files.
  • The dolls, mannequins, and carousel horses seen throughout her level are symbolic of her desire to be truly alive and not a replicate of something else.
  • It is possible that what Daniella is seen cooking in a pot at the beginning of the game is the remains of a human being, most likely Fiona's mother, Ayla. Fiona comments that it looks something like "angel hair pasta." (Ayla possesses fine, blonde hair.) Later on, Fiona will comment that "the pot is filled with what look like tendrils. Wait a second, this looks like...human hair!" Daniella supposedly serves this to Fiona later on; Fiona does taste some of it before hesitantly thanking Daniella for the meal and leaving. Immediately after, Fiona comments that she doesn't feel good and seems to have lost all of her energy.

Daniella in the crypt.

  • When Fiona enters the Crypt to progress into the mansion, Daniella is unable to pursue her, thus making it a safe place to rest. It is possible that the alchemic circles on the floor act as a barrier and prevents Azoth or alchemically enhanced beings from gaining passage. Daniella could originally go inside the crypt, as a screenshot of her is shown on the Japanese website in the Items section.
  • After Daniella's death in Hard Mode, her dress returns its original dark turquoise color.
  • In Fiona's game over screen, Daniella appears to be ripping Fiona's clothes off and cutting into her womb in order to obtain the Azoth latent inside.
  • Daniella is the only stalker (and character, besides Fiona's parents) to not appear in any of the endings.
  • The only ending in which she does not die in is the "Dona Nobis Pacem" ending.

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