Chaos forest

Fiona in Chaos Forest.

Chaos Forest is a location in Haunting Ground. This forest surrounds the Old Mansion, and there is a lake, where the Water Tower stands in the middle of the lake where Riccardo Belli kept Fiona Belli after she passed out nearby a cliff.

Riccardo shoots Hewie as he chases him and Fiona, leaving Fiona extremely vulnerable since Hewie lying somewhere in the forest after being shot at his leg. Fiona then decides to distract Riccardo to allow Hewie to get some time to heal.

She is then cornered by Riccardo on a cliff and passes out after seeing Riccardo is her father's "clone" and he explains that he is now the original after murdering Fiona's parents, Ugo and Ayla Belli.

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