Alyssa in the entrance area.

The Burroughs Castle is the final location in Clock Tower 3.


Located in south-east England, it was once the home of Darcy Burroughs, Natalya Burroughs, Annabel Burroughs and William Burroughs. It at least existed in the 17th century. Oddly enough, there is a secret torture site located in the catacombs of the castle. It also features a large prominent clock tower at the top.

For unknown reasons, it apparently became buried under where the Hamilton's Mansion is currently. Dick Hamilton searched all of Europe for it, only to realize a few years later that it was literally where he started his journey.

Clock Tower 3

During Clock Tower 3, it is raised again, apparently by some unexplained supernatural powers. It is then destroyed in the ending, apparently replaced by a field of clovers.


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