Book of Entities 4 is a document in Clock Tower 3 about the tragedy of Lord Darcy Burroughs and his family.


Book of Entities IV

Lord Darcy Burroughs owned much of south-east England at the beginning of the 17th century. He married Natalya Hamilton, one of the illustrious Hamilton family, and they had one daughter, Annabel.

Despite his harsh reputation, Lord Burroughs loved his daughter dearly, bequeathing all his lands to her upon his death.

In the 50th year of his life, Lord Burroughs, fearing the impermanence of life, learned of the Entities and the Ritual of Engagement.

With his daughter almost 15, he made the fateful decision to perform the Ritual...

But then, disaster struck.

On the day before her 15th birthday, Annabel was killed, when her carriage rolled onto its side. Shocked by the sudden death of his beloved daughter, as well as his inability to realize the Ritual, Burroughs fell into a deep depression. When his despair finally dissipated, it was replaced by raging anger.

Though he had both the coachman and the maid who were with Annabel at the time of her death killed, it did little to the villagers on his lands. Lady Burroughs did what she could to convince him to stop the savagery but only succeeded in inflaming him further, and she, too, was felled.

Lord Darcy Burroughs eventually died, crushed between the huge cogs that formed the mechanism of the Clock Tower of the castle as he escaped from mobs of angry farmers. According to legend, he vowed to plague the world with hate and terror for as long as the Clock Tower remained standing.

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