Bisque Doll
Bisque doll
In-game appearance
Distracts Debilitas
Corridor (Debilitas' debut)
Haunting Ground
Debilitas' favorite play-thing. It is coated with caked on dirt and gives off quite the pungent odor.

The Bisque Doll is an item in Haunting Ground. The bisque doll is found in the corridor where Debilitas drops it after seeing Fiona Belli for the first time, preferring her over his worn out plaything.

Fiona is able to pick up the doll and throw it but it has little to no effect, making it useless.


  • There is another doll that bears a striking resemblance to this one that hangs on a swing above the doorway leading to the doll room; hinting that Debilitas may have stolen it.

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